Joaquin Phoenix Explains Why He Lies On Talk Shows

Whenever Joaquin Phoenix appears on a talk show, there's always a chance that most of what he says is going to be made up. When the actor sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, she made sure to call him out on it.
After Joaquin shared a sweet moment with Ellen, explaining how his family watched her stand-up comedy special on Christmas this year, Ellen thanked him, and even said she believed him.
When Phoenix asked her why she wouldn't believe him, Ellen took the opportunity to broach the subject of the star's dubious history with talk show interviews.
"You lie on talk shows. Every time I’ve ever seen you!" Ellen said, referring, most recently, to the Inherent Vice star's "announcement" on the Late Show in December that he had gotten engaged to his yoga instructor. The next day he admitted it was a lie.
"Did you think it would just be a good story to say you were engaged?" Ellen asked.
"I wanted the audience to like me. And they always like you when you get engaged," he responded. "Everyone applauds."
"That’s hilarious! So you said you got engaged just to get applause? Let’s see if it works now," Ellen prompted. "So I understand you're engaged?"
"I am. I actually just got engaged," Joaquin said, playing along. True to form, Ellen's audience erupted with cheers.
Check out the video for more from the Oscar-nominated star, and get a look at his critically acclaimed comedy Inherent Vice.
Watch Phoenix's entire interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday.