11 'Parks and Rec' Memories That Will Make You Cry With Tears of Joy and Sadness

We are officially one week away from the first episode of the last season of Parks and Recreation. Treat yo self to some tears. We are. We will mess every single thing about Pawnee, including Jerry. We mean Gary. We mean Larry.
Anyway, here are 11 of the things we’re saddest to lose:
1. When Leslie Would Get All Badass:
She’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Just mostly rainbows and sunshine.
2. The Glorious Nerdiness That Is Ben Wyatt:
3. Only to Be Matched by His Eternal Shaming:
4. The @donna_meagle Twitter Feed We Both Deserve and Want:
But never received. (Oh wait, we did. It’s called Retta’s real-life feed.)
5. Every Time Things Got a Little Too Real:
Tom = All of us.
6. The Ability to Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Be Drunk:
You know we’re about dat #SnakeJuiceLife.
7. And Every Single Regret You Have When You Sober Up:
8. How Parks and Rec Makes Everything Else Make Sense:
9. The Best Friendship Ever Seen on TV Ever:
Even though that beautiful, graceful angel among us Ann Perkins left Pawnee during Parks and Rec season 6, she was never far from Leslie’s heart. And she could always come back for a cameo, right?! Leslie and Ann forever!
10. The Wisdom of Ron Swanson:
Now available in a cross-stitch!
11. And, Of Course, Little Sebastian.
Forever RIP, you little angel pony. We’re not ready for Parks and Rec to RIP.
Oh, and remember when Chris Pratt flashed Amy Poehler on set? LOL.