Matt LeBlanc Tells Prince Harry and William to 'F**k Off' Over 'Friends' Reunion

Team Coco
Even British royalty can't make a Friends reunion happen.
Matt LeBlanc showed up on Tuesday's Conan to promote the new season of his Showtime series Episodes, and per usual, the conversation led to the possibility of a Friends reunion. The actor -- who spends about three months a year in London -- revealed that upon running into Prince Harry and Prince William at a polo match, they too inquired as to whether Joey would ever reconnect with Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe.
"All they want to know is when is the Friendsreunion," LeBlanc, 47, revealed on the late-night show. "That's all they wanted to know about."
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"What did you tell them?" Conan asks.
"I told them to f**k off," he says in all seriousness before bursting into laughter.
Blaming LeBlanc, Conan concludes, "That's why we're at war with England."
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