'NCIS: LA' Star Eric Christian Olsen and Wife Sarah Wright Hunt for Homes on HGTV

Ever wonder what it’s like for a celebrity when they go house hunting? Well, now we know!
NCIS: LA star Eric Christian Olsen and his wife, Marry Me star Sarah Wright, are taking HGTV’s cameras with them for a special episode of House Hunters airing Wednesday.
The happy couple is in search of a vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Why is the couple in search of a second place there?
"I remember falling in love with the town," he said, recalling the family trips they'd take there when he was a kid. "I just knew that I wanted to come back here."
When it came to what they wanted from their dream vacation home, both Sarah and Eric were clear about their wish list.
"My dream home is rustic, a porch, beautiful kitchen, big kitchen," Sarah said. "I love open space."
Eric on the other hand was all about the amenities.
"I'd love to have a place that's got access to a pool, to golf, to sand volleyball to basketball to a fitness center."
You can check out which home they chose when the special episode airs Wednesday night on HGTV.