Katy Perry's Halftime Show Inspires Memes Galore

Getty Images
Katy Perry's halftime show was an impressive production, featuring the singer riding on a giant metal lion, show-stopping cameos from Missy Elliot and more costume changes than we could keep track of. But several of the performance's more memorable moments set off social media fireworks.
Perry's flaming gold dress at the start of the set conjured up dozens of comparisons from fans, including a throwback to the singer’s Flamin’ Cheeto Halloween costume last year.
The tropical-themed set for Perry's "Teenage Dream/California Girls" medley featured dancers in cartoonish shark and beach ball costumes. The dancers also operated their costumes so their characters could sing along, which weirded out more than a few tweeters.
The singer's show-stopping "Firework" finale, in which she floated across the field on a shooting star, reminded many of the infamous "The More You Know" PSAs.
See more on how the singer prepared for her halftime performance in the video below.

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