Who Isn't Expected on SNL's 40th Anniversary Special?!

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Saturday Night Livefans may see their favorite hosts and alums returning to the beloved weekend show in a big way.
During the Super Bowl XLIV, a teaser for SNL's 40th anniversary featured 15 seconds of names flashing across the screen. Everyone from Bill Murray to Taylor Swift are now expected to show up on the big night but there was one big name not mentioned in this teaser.

Some are speculating that SNL alum Tracy Morgan will make his first TV appearance since his near-fatal accident come Sunday, Feb. 15, but that has yet to be confirmed.
Though Morgan's name does not show up in the teaser, a number of other former cast members are called out. Tina Fey, Chris Rock, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Chevy Chase and Adam Sandler are just a few funny people that could be popping by NBC Studios in a few weeks.
Check out the complete list of names mentioned in the teaser and let us know: Who are you most excited to to see return for SNL's 40th anniversary show?
Justin Timberlake
Emma Stone
Derek Jeter
Jimmy Fallon
Paul McCartney
Chevy Chase
Kanye West
Adam Sandler
Melissa McCarthy
Will Ferrell
Robert De Niro
Tina Fey
Paul Simon
Jerry Seinfeld
Molly Shannon
Steve Martin
Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Jack Nicholson
Amy Poehler
Peyton Manning
Jim Carrey
Dana Carvey
Kristen Wiig
Dan Akroyd
Chris Rock
Alec Baldwin
Taylor Swift
Garrett Morris
Andy Samberg
Christopher Walken
Maya Rudolph
Tom Hanks
Martin Short
Betty White
Bill Murray
For a few SNL laughs, check out the video below.