Jimmy Fallon Performs with Neil Young While Impersonating Neil Young

OnThe Tonight Show, you get two Neil Youngs for the price of one.
Jimmy Fallon brought back his impression of the iconic folk singer on Tuesday night, and excited viewers even more when the real Neil Young showed up to sing alongside him.

The duo performed the track "Old Man," off Young's 1972 album Harvest. As the blogosphere pointed out, at the end of the song, Fallon detuned his sixth guitar string -- just like Young used to do during his early acoustic performances.
The 69-year-old singer/songwriter complimented Fallon on his impression of him, and also performed "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" from Storytone with The Tonight Show house band The Roots.
Young isn't the only iconic artist the late-night host likes to impersonate. He also does pretty dead-on impressions of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Tom Petty Jim Morrison and Bruce Springsteen.
The Tonight Show had a big week of memorable performances, starting with Will Ferrell lip syncing Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" on Super Bowl Sunday's live show. Check it out, below.