Justin Bieber Spoofs His Own Calvin Klein Ads

Photo: YouTube
In a promo for his upcoming Comedy Central Roast, pop star Justin Bieber stripped off his shirt (again) and spoofed his recent Calvin Klein underwear commercial.
This time, Justin Bieber was back on his drum set, but model Lara Stone was replaced by Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross -- shirtless and in a long blonde wig.
Most of the promo involves Ross inappropriately stroking his stomach while a confused Bieber tries to keep him away.
"Who is this guy?" Bieber asks to his people off-screen.
"Hey man," Ross says, shaking Bieber's hand. "I'm your worst nightmare. Are you ready?"
"No…," a scared Bieber responds.
Bieber's appearance on the Comedy Central Roast is one step on the star's road to PR recovery after a high-profile year of legal troubles. Check out the pop singer's candid conversation with Ellen about his attempt at contrition in the video below.