The Morning After: Get Your Exclusive First Look at VH1's 'Walk of Shame Shuttle'

We’ve all seen someone do it: Make the walk of shame home. For some it’s a moment of pride. For others, it feels exactly as its title implies.
But why walk when you can have someone pick you up?
That’s where the Walk of Shame Shuttle comes in. The brainchild car service of undergrad-turned-entrepreneur Kellyann Wargo is now the basis for VH1’s new morning after confessional series.
The new show, which features passengers candidly discussing the night before with one of three drivers -- Wargo, Jordan Pease, or Michelle Collins (yes, ETonline’s awards season special contributor) -- is a mix between Taxicab Confessions and those Sonic fast food commercials.

Watch an exclusive trailer above as Wargo explains the inspiration behind WOSS and get a taste of the confessions (and brutal commentary) to come.

Walk of Shame Shuttle premieres Wednesday, Mar. 18 at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.