Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth Make Mullets Sexy on 'Tonight Show'

On Thursday's Tonight Show, a question was posed we'd never thought we'd have to answer: Who's hotter with a mullet, Thor or Wolverine?
Saturday Night Live host Chris Hemsworth showed up with some cast members from the show to play Musical Beers alongside Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and X-Men star Hugh Jackman.

Upon hitting the stage, Hemsworth immediately asked for a mullet of his own after seeing how cool Jackman and Fallon looked in their wigs. The late-night host gave him the mullet off his own head.
Then the Aussie men, along with the SNL stars and Fallon, competed in a game much like Musical Chairs. To the tune of "Bang Bang", the guys and girl (Kate McKinnon) walked around a table and when the music stopped, instead of sitting in a chair, they had to chug a beer. The person without a drink in their hand was tagged out.

Musical Beers did come down to two mullets, Fallon and Hemsworth, but the late-night host pulled through to win the game.
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