Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Have an 'Ew!' Sing-Off

Ariana Grande channeled her roots as a Nickelodeon star on Friday, appearing on the Tonight Show and taking part in one of Jimmy Fallon’s signature sketches: tween talk show "Ew!"
Grande played Alexa in the sketch, "bestie" to Fallon’s character Sara (with no "h," because "h’s are ew"). The two performed their secret handshake and snapped a "bffelfie," a.k.a. a "best friends forever selfie," before competing in a new segment: The "Ew!" Sing-off!
Grande busted out one of her signature vocal riffs on the sketch's titlular exclamation, but Fallon's character was less than impressed.
"That was okay, I guess," he shrugged.
For the "Ew!" speed round, Grande’s character declared Richard Dreyfuss "cute," but turned up her nose at a venti latte.
"I prefer grande," she declared as the two dissolved into giggles.
Grande talked to ET about saying goodbye to her Nickelodeon character Cat Valentine last year. See more in the video below.