Kylie Jenner Gives Mom Kris Some Serious Attitude on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

Kylie Jenner might be making her own money now, but that doesn't mean she's above a verbal thrashing from mom Kris.
On the next Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris wants to spend some quality time alone with her 17-year-old daughter and suggests that they go on an overnight trip to San Diego to see Kylie's grandmother. When Kylie seems reluctant, Kris puts her foot down.
"It's been two weeks since Kylie and I have had a real, true conversation, and it's heartbreaking to me," Kris says in the clip. "I want to take her some place close so we can have a little road trip, because it eliminates all the distractions so that we can get back to normal."
For Kylie, the two-hour, one-way drive didn't seem worth it.
"I'm your mom and I'm telling you now that I want you to go with me to San Diego and you don't have a choice," Kris tells Kylie. "So pack your bags, and we're going to leave tomorrow."
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