Sofia Vergara's Cousin Talks Good Plastic Surgery

Sofia Vergara's cousin Sandra Vergara may be relatively new to Hollywood, but she already has a good eye for plastic surgery.
The 26-year-old Colombian-born actress is a beauty expert on E!'s new show Good Work, where she discusses the "good work" and "not-so good work" in the world of plastic surgery in Hollywood alongside Ru Paul and Dr. Terry Dubrow.
"I'm more relatable to the people," Sandra said. "I'm the person that will say what you're thinking."
Sandra is actually Sofia's first cousin who was adopted by Sofia's family when she was a month old, and it shows -- especially in her familiar accent.
"You're going to have the same voice when you share genetics," Sandra said. "But I sound like myself. You're going to hear that voice too."
Sandra doesn't just speculate on celebrities' plastic surgeries, she also provides beauty tips for viewers at home.
"I bring alternatives to plastic surgery for example can't afford it, some people are too afraid of it," Sandra said. "I have tricks and tips!"
Good Work airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!