'Orphan Black' Postmortem: Scorpion Psychosis, Mystery Elevator Clone & More Answers Revealed!

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Orphan Black is back!
After far too many months of impatiently waiting, the season three premiere finally hit our TV screens and we now have a small screen hangover from all of the heart-pounding twists and jaw-dripping turns.
We know that you must have a million clone-related questions, so we called up Orphan Black's co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett to get answers on the episode's biggest moments and a tease of what's ahead.
That opening baby shower scene with the sestras for Helena was both amazing and devastating. Why did you decide to start the season like that?
It was a tease that John sort of gestated in his mind over the break last year and we really enjoyed sort of going into what does the world and what do the sisters look like from Helena's point of view? We really like giving into Helena, but I also felt like we loved the idea of seeing her pregnant and I think I really like the ideal honestly of starting the new season with something that people weren't necessarily going to be expecting. We're not trying to rip off the same old thing of wanting some big action scene but just doing something kind of different and kind of fun that I thought the audience would think was really great.
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Watching those scenes with the scorpion were slightly terrifying. Is it safe to assume that Helena has a history with that scorpion?
Yes I believe that, I think that – and this may sound silly – but whenever we create characters in our show usually they come with a bit of backstory and they come from some place. So this scorpion is sort of like Helena's spirit animal. I think the scorpion appeared to her when she was quite young and so that's why we named the scorpion Pupok, which is Ukrainian for belly button.
The Project Leda Clones were raised independently but it appears that the Project Castor clones are more like a wolf pack. What are the advantages or disadvantages to that bond?
Well I think it makes them easier to control than our girls. I think that they have a sort of central command and that they're not all on the same page but generally that sort of peer pressure group that they have is going to keep people in line. Whereas the Leda girls, growing up separately I think if you met your own clone, the very first thing you would do is to look for those differences and accentuate those differences as much as possible. I think that's what our girls do.
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I was shocked to see a new (and blonde!) Leda Clone in Delphine's elevator footage. When are we going to be introduced to this new mysterious sister?
Well it’s a long season. That's something you've got to wait for. Will there be more information? Most likely yes.
Can you clarify the Orphan Black timeline? It's really only been a few weeks since Sarah watched Beth jump in front of that train, correct?
It's the magic of television time but I think it's only been 30-something days. I think we're in our 40 by the end of season three.
GM: Or it might even be two months. It's not a long period of time but it's better to kind of just sink into TV time.
JF: The point of it really is that we like to go fast and we don’t like to take a lot of breaks and it's kind of part of the way our mystery presents is that we don’t really take our foot off the gas for very long.
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