John Travolta's Shy Son Makes His 'Late Show' Debut ...Sorta

John Travolta and Kelly Preston's four-year-old boy Ben might not be ready for the limelight just yet.
A tuxed-up Travolta showed up on Monday's Late Show to talk about The Forger and revealed to host David Letterman that his wife and son were watching backstage.

The 61-year-old actor was eager to have his youngest child meet his "old friend." Letterman joked, "I hope he's still here and he hasn't gone over to Fallon."

Unfortunately (but adorably), Ben got a little stage shy when his mother began to escort him out to the bright lights.
Writhing out of his mother's arms, Ben ran backstage, and wouldn't even return at the request of Travolta. "No," he said, stomping his feet.
Making light of the mild temper tantrum, Letterman quipped, "I think there's a place for him on staff.
It was six years ago that Travolta lost his then 16-year-old son Jett, something that his role in The Forger brought up memories about. However, the actor told ET on Monday that Scientology helped him through that difficult time.
"After my loss I had two years of full-time help from my church," he revealed. "They never left my side, and I got through a time that I didn't think I was going to make it. I really didn't, several times, but they pulled me through. So that's where my basic strength for moving on came from.”