Reese Witherspoon Has Adorable 'Blonde Moment' with David Letterman

by Jackie Willis 9:21 AM PDT, May 06, 2015
Photo: CBS

David Letterman's joke went right over Reese Witherspoon's head when she showed up on Tuesday's Late Show.

The Hot Pursuit star commented on a recent photo of her posed with her 15-year-old lookalike daughter Ava Phillippe, pointing out that she "was born the first year I was on this show."

Jokingly insinuating that he was Ava's real father (as opposed to Reese's ex-husband Ryan Phillippe), Letterman responded, "Well, that's an interesting coincidence."

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The audience started laughing right away at the joke but it took Reese a minute to catch on to the quip. "Oh, my God! No, no, no!" she exclaimed once she got what Letterman was saying.

"I got it now. ...I was having a blonde moment," the Legally Blonde actress explained. "I have a lot of them lately."

Letterman added, "That was the farthest thing from your mind!"

me and my "straight-shooter" ❤️

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Steering the conversation back towards her daughter, Reese shared that Ava has expressed an interest in acting. "She's very artistic though," she said. "She's sort of a songwriter and she paints. She's wonderful."

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According to her mom, Ava has yet to run with the wrong crowd. "Not yet," the 39-year-old Oscar winner answered when asked if her teenager is rebellious. "No smoking or drinking."