Joel McHale Says a 'Community' Movie Could Happen

Joel McHale stopped by Conan on Monday with news that a Community movie could be coming down the pipeline.
"I think we will do a movie if [creator Dan Harmon] will write the script," McHale told host Conan O'Brien.
The cult favorite was canceled by NBC in 2014 after struggling with ratings for five seasons. Yahoo! later picked the show up for its sixth season, which premiered on March 17.
The campaign for "six seasons and a movie" started on the show and spread to fans of the beloved comedy.
According to McHale, Yahoo! has been supportive of Harmon and would most likely be willing to back him on a film project or an additional season, both of which would be fine with McHale.
"Believe me, I'd love to do another season," McHale said.
The entire sixth season of Community is streaming now on Yahoo! Screen.