'Orphan Black' Season 3 Bloopers Give a Hilarious Look Behind the Scenes

BBC America
BBC America’s hit sci-fi series Orphan Black deals with some fairly serious subject matter, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t getting silly behind the scenes!
The show debuted its season three blooper reel during their panel at Comic-Con on Friday and the hilarious clone and cast crack-ups left fans in stitches.
Notable moments from the three-and-a-half minute reel include wrangling the scorpion who played Helena's hallucinatory companion Pupok and a closer look at the finale dinner scene which featured series star Tatiana Maslany playing four different clones seated around one table.
Also, watch the ever adorable Jordan Gavaris realize that he's started shooting a scene while still wearing his (non-costume) jacket. Plus, more dancing!
Check out the blooper reel in the clip above, and re-live Mrs. S’s impressive musical performance in the video below.