EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg Helps a Friend Squeeze Into Skinny Jeans on 'Wahlburgers' Finale

Mark Wahlberg might be used to showing off his tighty-whiteys, but not all of his friends feel the same way!
In ETonline’s exclusive clip from Wednesday’s season finale of Wahlburgers, A&E’s reality show that follows the actor and his brothers as they navigate life in Hollywood and run a chain of burger joints with the same name, Wahlberg tries to help his friend "Big A" get ready for a date.
"I got a couple of different outfits, and I gave him some choices," Wahlberg explains. "I wanted to dress him down, make him look a little younger."
"Big A" is initially game for the makeover, but balks when Wahlberg whips out a pair of skinny jeans.
"It makes you look slimmer, that’s the whole idea of skinny jeans," the actor protests as his buddy struggles to squeeze into the pants. "That’s how Justin Bieber and all of them do it."
Wahlberg even tries to lend "Big A," but eventually has to admit, "Skinny jeans, they were too much."
The season finale of Wahlburgers airs Wednesday, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.