Janice Dickinson Collapses on Live TV After Reported Bee Sting

During a live taping of Celebrity Big Brother UK on Tuesday, Janice Dickinson collapsed in a terrifying moment captured on video.
In the clip, Dickinson is seen bent over, stiff and shaking.
"I need an EpiPen right away," Dickinson pleads.
The 60-year-old supermodel's panic was triggered by an alleged bee sting that may have caused an allergic reaction. Her left hand and fingers reportedly turned black and blue while she was sitting in the show's diary room.
"It's going up my hand and I don't want it to reach my heart," Dickinson explained before toppling over.
Paramedics came to Dickinson's rescue after she went into what appeared to be anaphylactic shock, and she reportedly spent about three hours in the hospital.
On Wednesday, The U.K.'s Channel 5 released a statement to ET, saying, "Janice left the house briefly for medical attention and returned to the house shortly afterwards. We don't comment any further as the medical conditions of housemates are confidential."