The Big 'Scandal' Secret Is Out! What Happens Next?

Last week’s Scandal ended with former VP-turned-pundit Sally Langston revealing Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) affair with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and this week’s episode was all about what comes next.
When Olivia ran off to chase down a case-of-the-week with Jake (Scott Foley), Olitz fans probably thought things were over for good. And so did the president, apparently, as Olivia turned on her phone at episode’s end to find a voicemail message from him, telling her that he was going to deny the affair and bring estranged wife Mellie (Bellamy Young) back into the White House.
"I don’t want you to throw away your whole life for me," Fitz said, taking Olivia’s radio silence as evidence that she didn’t want to go public with their relationship. "I love you too much for that."
But as always, Olivia had plans of her own. When she returned to her apartment building the press were there in full force, hounding her with questions about whether or not she was the president’s mistress. In the episode’s final moments, she silenced them with one word.
Scenes from next week’s Scandal seem to hint that the revelation is going to cause even more drama (and possibly major retribution from Mellie) but for now, social media is going wild with Olivia’s admission of the truth.