James Corden Steals the Show as a Guest Model on 'The Price Is Right'

James Corden really is game for anything, as he proved during a visit to The Price Is Right set.
The Late Late Show host moved from late night to daytime as a special guest model for the Drew Carey-hosted game show, and the feedback so far has been great.
"The truth is, it's like riding a bike, you know?" said Corden, who filled in for the show's regular male model, James O'Halloran. "You can't have a male model on the show unless it's a hot guy named James. It's nice to get back to my roots -- my modeling days!"
Corden's episode airs on Monday, and according to O'Halloran, fans could be impressed by what they see.
"He's done a pretty damn good job actually," said O'Halloran. "He's very entertaining. He's doing these hip-thrust movements. I haven't seen such a thing."
Corden joked that he was putting the regular models to shame.
"I think they've all been a bit embarrassed by the quality," Corden quipped. "I'm kidding."
The real question is now that Corden has been a guest on Carey's show, will The Price Is Right host return the favor?
"I have not been on his show yet. How about that?" Carey told ET. "Yeah, we'll have to fix that."
The Late Late Show airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. ET/PT on CBS. The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS.