Streaming in November: 'Good Burger,' 'Jessica Jones,' Oscar Isaac & 4 More Highlights

Photo: Netflix

While we’re still watching Amazon and Hulu’s excellent new comedies, we’re about to make room for more as several new original series start streaming in November.

Casual and Red Oaks will now have to contend with Man in the High Castle, Amazon’s high concept drama, and Netflix’s second Marvel adaptation, Jessica Jones. Both are offering tons of drama to balance out October’s laughs.

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And if those two series don’t work for you, there are plenty of films to fill up those Friday nights. ETonline has picked the seven best films and TV shows that are worth adding to your queue:

Ex Machina: If you missed Oscar Isaac’s sexy, mind-bending thriller when it was first in theaters, then make this mandatory viewing now that it’s on Amazon Prime. The film is one of our favorites from the year and it first introduced us to Alicia Vikander, who is getting Oscar buzz for her role opposite Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl. (Nov. 14, Amazon) 

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Good Burger: Given all the excitement surrounding our favorite All That duo and their recent reunion on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, there’s no reason for us not to watch (and re-watch) Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell’s 1996 hit film, which was adapted from Snick’s sketch-comedy series. (Nov. 1, HBO Now)

James Bond Marathon: Forget about the James Bond marathons that once became a staple of Thanksgiving TV. Now, viewers can put together their own binge-watching session thanks to Hulu, which has 15 of the franchise’s earlier hits, including Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Octopussy. (Nov. 1, Hulu)

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Man in the High Castle: Based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 historical fiction, the new Amazon drama explores an alternative universe where the Allied Powers lost World War II. The high concept show comes with a lot of pressure (and anticipation) as the streaming service looks for its first dramatic hit. (Nov. 20, Amazon) 

Photo: Netflix

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Netflix hopes to strike twice with its second original Marvel series. This time, Krysten Ritter takes center stage as a superhero trying to overcome demons from within and without. We loved Daredevil and cannot wait for Jones to make her streaming debut. (Nov. 20, Netflix)

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The Thomas Crown Affair: If you’re suffering from fatigue as a result of all the hype surrounding James Bond’s newest film, Spectre, then turn your attention to the sexy 1968 crime thriller starring Steven McQueen and Faye Dunaway. It’s like a fine wine and only gets better with age. (Nov. 1, HBO Now) 

Zipper: While this political thriller barely made a dent in theaters, it’s worth going back to watch thanks to Patrick Wilson’s sexy physique, which the 42-year-old actor has all but retired these days as the star of FX’s Fargo season two. (Nov. 26, Netflix)

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In addition to Ex Machina, Isaac is having a big year thanks to a role in the highly anticipated sequel to Star Wars. The actor recently opened up to ETonline about how he even scored his uncle a bit part in The Force Awakens, revealing that he made shirts for everyone on set. "I gave them to everybody and told J.J. Abrams, who was like, 'Does he wanna be in the movie,'" Isaac recalled.