EXCLUSIVE: 'Limitless' Tackles the Strangest Murder Case Ever (Involving a Hacked Robotic Arm)!

What can you do if you can't even trust your own limbs?
On an all-new episode of the CBS dramaLimitless, this possibility becomes a terrifying reality for one man whose accused of murdering his wife, but claims that his robotic prosthetic arm was acting independently!
In this exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) -- who becomes the smartest person in the world for 12 hours after he takes the miracle pill NZT-48 -- is brought in to talk to the possible killer.
"So, you're saying that you're innocent, but your arm? Your arm is guilty?" a dubious Brian asks after hearing the man out.
"Yes," he responds. "I know how it sounds, believe me, but it's what happened. I did not kill Kristen. I would never kill her. It was my arm."
Soon, Brian discovers that someone has found a way to hack people's robotic limbs, and he races to try and prove the man's innocence.
This episode of Limitless, appropriately titled "Arm-ageddon," airs Nov. 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.