'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez Adorably Reveals She Wants to Adopt

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez has an adorable baby as her co-star during the second season of her CW show, and on Thursday’s Ellen, she admitted that all that cuddling has triggered her biological clock!
“I feel like, they bring the baby up to me and my ovaries are like ‘Ahhh, come here baby,’” Rodriguez told Ellen DeGeneres of the infant twins who play her on-screen son Mateo.
“I want one so bad, I do,” she said of having a baby of her own. “But I don’t want the whole process, I just want one to arrive. Like the stork conversation.”
Rodriguez, 31, hilariously admitted that she might not have a totally realistic expectation of parenting.
“As soon as one cries, they take it away from me and the other one comes in,” she said of her on-set experience. “That’s what happens in real life, right?”
The actress also told Ellen, on a more serious note, that she is looking forward to having kids and “definitely wants to adopt.”
She also revealed that, since the show’s success, fans of the telenovela adaptation have just one question when they encounter her in real life: “Are you a virgin?”
“I’m 31,” Rodriguez deadpanned as an answer. “That’s it.”