'How to Get Away With Murder': Intense New Trailer Previews Guns, Drugs ... and a Baby?

After the heart-stopping mid-season finale, How to Get Away With Murder fans finally know who shot Annalise, but there are still so many questions left to answer.
In a pulse-pounding new preview from the Shonda Rhimes legal thriller, we get a glimpse of the second half of the show’s intense second season, including who lives (looks like Annalise and twisted sister Catherine Hapstall are both safe...for now), who dies (poison in the ice cream?), and who gets...a baby.
“I can’t!” Annalise wails in the last shot of the trailer, cradling an infant.
Is it her child? Is it present day or possibly a flashback? Is it part of Wes’ “Christoph” backstory bombshell that was dropped in the fall finale? We can’t wait to find out.
Also, did those Hapstall kids kill their parents or not?
How to Get Away With Murder returns with new episodes Feb. 11 on ABC.