EXCLUSIVE: Abigail Breslin Is 'Stoked' About 'Dirty Dancing' Remake, Hopes to Do It Justice

Abigail Breslin is taking on Jennifer Grey’s iconic role in ABC’s remake of Dirty Dancing, and the 19-year-old actress could not be more enthusiastic.
“I'm really excited,” Breslin told ET at Saturday’s Directors Guild Awards. “I'm stoked for it.”
The Scream Queens star is just getting into the groove of things, starting her dance rehearsals to play Frances "Baby" Houseman in the TV musical, and admitting that she’s not the “most coordinated person.”
“But, you know, my character isn't in the beginning either, so it's really exciting,” she added.
Breslin says she hasn’t spoken to Grey about the role, admitting that the original 1987 film is “not something you can top,” but adding that she hopes to do justice in the remake.
“That's something that is so scary, ‘cause it's obviously like, such an iconic character,” the actress said. “Hopefully, [I can] kind of do my own version of it, and people will like it.”
No casting has been announced for Patrick Swayze’s iconic role as Johnny Castle in the remake. The three-hour TV musical will be a pre-produced special, similar to Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show remake.