James Corden Hilariously Auditions to Be Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Sidekick

by Zach Seemayer 12:46 AM PST, February 19, 2016
Playing James Corden Hilariously Auditions to Be Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Sidekick

After Deadpool dominated the box office beyond anyone's wildest dreams, people are clamoring to attach themselves to the surprise-hit franchise -- including Late Late Show host James Corden who, more than anything, wants to be Deadpool's sidekick in the next installment.

Corden visited Reynolds on Thursday to pitch the possibility of starring as his right-hand man in the coming sequel. While the 39-year-old star wasn't too keen on the idea, he let Corden show off a few character concepts to make the host happy.

Reynolds immediately regretted this decision because Corden's plethora of pitches was nothing less than the fever dreams of an insane person.

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Right out of the gate, Corden slid on a silver spandex bodysuit for his first character: The Iceman.

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Right off the bat,Reynoldsdismissed the idea as "so stupid," and things just got worse from there.

Corden also rocked a giant strawberry costume to present his next character concept: Strawberry Short Fuse.

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When this idea went down in flames, the late-night host presented the next few ideas in rapid-fire succession: Potato Man, Ravey Crockett (who is just Davey Crockett covered in glow sticks), some sort of giant clam monster, Tenta-Kill (a deadly Octopus-man) and a character called The Magic Clown.

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Finally, Reynolds was struck with a groundbreaking realization: What the next Deadpool movie needs is not a sidekick, but just an additional Deadpool!

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Corden and Reynolds actually rocked some sweet Deadpool costumes for a brief look at what a Double Deadpool movie would look like. Honestly, it's something Marvel should consider.

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