'Biggest Loser' Winner Roberto Hernandez Was Competing For Much More Than Money

The Biggest Loser's newest winner says he wasn't motivated by the $250,000 check.
"It wasn't about the money," season 17 champion Roberto Hernandez told ET. "It was all about making the transformation I wanted and being the father that I wanted."
Roberto went from 348 to 188 during his time on the show, shedding 160 pounds, but Roberto's story doesn't end there. His twin brother, Luis, who was axed earlier in the season, lost the most body weight of any other eliminated contestant. For his efforts, Luis took home $100,000.
"This is a dream come true," Luis told ET. "We've been overweight all our lives. We used to always say if we get on that show we're going to win it!"
A combined total of 1,435 pounds were lost between all of the contestants, making them all winners in their own right.