EXCLUSIVE: Wives of Beverly Hills' Famous Plastic Surgeons Reveal Which Procedures They Partake In

ET spoke to the stars of The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills and found out what it's like to have a plastic surgeon as a spouse.
"I think marrying a plastic surgeon is every girl's dream," Jessica Amron told ET.
Jessica, who is married to Dr. David Amron, takes full advantage of the perks of having free work done.
"Every now and then I do a little Botox on her," David said. "I've done a little bit of subtle, natural contouring to her cheek area."
While David seems happy to perform his wife's procedures, Dr. Robert Rey adopted a more reluctant tone when talking about operating on his wife, Hayley.
"I hate it, but she's the boss," Robert said.
Hayley went down the laundry list of body parts that she's had made over.
"I've had Botox fillers in my lips -- Juvederm." Hayley said. "I've had my breasts done, my ears pinned back. He does it."
Jessica Diamond and her husband Dr. Jason Diamond have also undergone the experience of her being his patient, but they aren't likely to repeat the process.
"I have to say it did not go smoothly," Jessica said. "It's like the classic thing of when people say, 'You should not treat family.' Now we understand why. It did not go well."
The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills, now available on Netflix, takes viewers into the operating rooms and the lavish lifestyles of the doctors and their spouses, but it also shows the struggles that they go through. While taping the show, Robert and Hayley were going through the toughest time in their marriage.
"We were actually talking about divorce," Hayley said. "We had two options. Either we divorce and go our separate ways, or we try and make this work."
They eventually chose the latter.
"I am just angry at him all the time and just resentful, so we decided to spend more time together and rebuild our marriage," Hayley said.