'Orange Is the New Black': 22 Burning Questions We Have After Seeing These New Season 4 Photos!

Photo: Netflix
It's time to check back with our favorite Litchfield ladies!
Season four of Netflix's Emmy Award-winning series, Orange Is the New Black, doesn't debut until Friday, June 17, but ETonline is here to curb your craving with a first look at nine brand-new photos from the upcoming season.
However, the epic and exciting photos only make us more curious about what's going to happen to all our favorite ladies in season four. Here are the 22 most burning questions we desperately need answers to ASAP....
Photo: Netflix
1. How will the over-crowding and new inmates shake up the core dynamics of our favorite Litchfield ladies?
2. Will we get another chapter from Suzanne's a.k.a. "Crazy Eyes" (Uzo Aduba) erotic space novel Time Hump Chronicles?
3. Will Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) continue with her conversion to Judaism in season four?
Photo: Netflix
4. Have Red (Kate Mulgrew) and Gloria (Selenis Leyva) fully put their differences aside to become co-chefs / HBICs together in the kitchen?
5. Will the food in Litchfield get even worse in season 4?
Photo: Netflix
6. Does this picture prove that Alex (Laura Prepon) survived her (assumed) toolshed beat-down in the season three finale?
7. If so, will Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and Alex get back together now that Stella (Ruby Rose) has been carted off to maximum?
8. Has Sofia (Laverne Cox) been let out of the SHU after experiencing an abusive hate crime?
9.What will things be like when Sofia and Gloria ultimately come face-to-face?
Photo: Netflix
10. Why the hell is Blanca Flores (Laura Gómez) torturing Chapman?
11. Does Chapman still believe in the mantra, 'Trust no bitch"?
12. Will Chapman still continue with her used-prison-panties business even after Stella screwed her over?
Photo: Netflix
13. Did Poussey's (Samira Wiley) celebrity-obsessed dreams come true?
14. Are she and Judy King (Blair Brown) behind-bars BFFs now?
15. Is Judy King more of a Paula Deen or a Martha Stewart-type character?
Photo: Netflix
16. What has our core Litchfield ladies looking so pissed about in the dining hall?
17. Are people still worshipping Norma (Annie Golden)?
18. Also, wait, where is Norma?
Photo: Netflix
19. Are Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) and Boo (Lea DeLaria) still besties?
20. Will they successfully take down Pennsatucky's assailant, guard Charlie Coates (James McMenamin)?
21. Did all of our favorite Litchfield prison guards actually band together and quit their jobs?
22. And most importantly… when is Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) coming back?!
Season four of Orange is the New Black premieres Friday, June 17 on Netflix.