Kelly Ripa Wraps Up First Week Back to 'Live!' With Awkward Divorce Comment to Michael Strahan

Kelly Ripa was ready for the weekend when she and Michael Strahan wrapped up their final Live! With Kelly and Michael episode of the week.
"We got through it!" Ripa exclaimed when the show started. "I love the weekend!"
Friday's Live! was the fourth show Ripa and Strahan had co-hosted together since Ripa's return on Tuesday, following news that the former NFL pro would be leaving the daytime talk show for a full-time position at Good Morning America.
The co-hosts' certainly found their stride again, and did candid interviews with dad-to-be Adam Levine and newly married Jordan Peele.

However, there were two awkward instances on Friday's show. When Ripa was setting up a story about divorcees who keep their kids in one house and the parents rotate in and out, she said to Strahan, "So you have gotten divorced..." This led to him giving an uncomfortable look to the laughing audience.

The co-hosts were also silent for a solid 10 seconds to show how long that can feel when you're on TV. Both moments were entertaining, and, again, showed how much chemistry these two have when co-hosting together.
ET confirmed earlier this week that Strahan's last day on Live! will be Friday, May 13, but the ABC show has yet to name his replacement. A source close to the show told ET that Anderson Cooper is a frontrunner for the job, and he told Andy Cohen on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live that he enjoys working with Ripa.
"Look, I'm very happy at CNN," Cooper, who hosts the news network's Anderson Cooper 360, answered cautiously. "It would be a dream to work with Kelly, but nobody's offering anything."