EXCLUSIVE: Jewel Makes Her Debut on Discovery Channel's 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' -- Watch the New Trailer!
It’s good to be home.

Seven years after leaving her hometown of Homer, Alaska, singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher, better known as Jewel, is reuniting with her family on the homestead in the new season of Discovery Channel’s Alaska: The Last Frontier.

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ET exclusively premieres the first trailer from the upcoming season, in which Jewel makes her debut on her family’s long-running reality series.
“I grew up working cattle with my dad [Atz Kilcher],” Jewel says, as she wrangles cattle on the ranch. “I’m just real glad to be back.”

Jewel’s son, Kase Murray, with ex-husband, Ty Murray, will also be featured in the upcoming season, as the singer aims to show Kase a glimpse into how she was raised.

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Twenty years later, during an exclusive sit-down with ET in September 2015, Jewel spoke highly of her Alaskan upbringing.
“I’m proud of where I’m from,” she said. “Alaska’s so beautiful and I love how I was raised.”

Alaska: The Last Frontier premieres Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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For more on Jewel’s exclusive interview with ET, watch the video below.