EXCLUSIVE: Kevin James on the Importance of Making 'Kevin Can Wait' the First Sitcom to Shoot on Long Island

Long Island-born comedian Kevin James scored a big win for his birthplace, as his new show, Kevin Can Wait, is the first sitcom to actually shoot there.
ET's Kevin Frazier was invited to the set, where James dished on some of the biggest perks of shooting in the New York State community.
"We will not go, I'd say 45 minutes, without a gyro being offered to you," James tells ET. "I have a pizza oven here that's going live every Friday night."
Another benefit is its close proximity to James' East Coast home.
"It's about 10 or 15 minutes away!" says the married father of four. "I'm good."
In the series, James stars as a retired police officer looking forward to spending quality time with his wife and three kids, but he has a rude awakening when he learns that being at home presents tougher challenges than anything the mean streets can dish out.
Kevin Can Wait premieres Sept. 19 on CBS.