Julie Bowen Responds to Sofia Vergara Feud Rumors: 'You Can Just Make Up Anything'

Photo: Getty Images
Julie Bowen has no problems with Sofia Vergara -- and she's got the blouse to prove it.
The Modern Family star stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, where she put to rest some rumors that she and her co-star don't get along.
"So and so trash mag will be running a story ... 'You are icy to Sofia Vergara,'" the 46-year-old actress told host Ellen DeGeneres. "So I email her last night, and then we talked and I'm like, 'What should I say?' 'Cause we're friends!"
"She goes, 'Please just borrow my blouse,'" Bowen added. "So I'm borrowing her blouse."
"You don't have to have the truth anymore, you just have to have the internet," she explained. "You can just make up anything."
Watch the clip below.
That settles it for us!
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