EXCLUSIVE: Peter Dinklage Crashes Emilia Clarke's 'Game of Thrones' Set Tour


In ET’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Game of Thrones season six, the mood is far from the serious tone seen on HBO. 

The featurette clip shows Emilia Clarke (our very own Daenerys Targaryen) giving audiences a backstage tour of the Meereen set, where her character makes her triumphant return after disappearing at the end of season five. “Getting ready for a badass entrance,” Clarke says before turning to the women behind Daenerys’ iconic onscreen looks. 

While introducing her makeup and hair team, co-star Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister) crashes the tour. “Just fixing the tele,” Dinklage jokes as he attempts to hide behind a monitor before running off. 

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While Dinklage is the one seen pranking Clarke, the actress has her own past with causing trouble on set. In May, she opened up to The Insider about drawing all over the face of co-star Joseph Naufahu, who plays Khal Moro. 

“It was a night shoot. I had to keep people on point,” Clarke said, revealing that there was a prank war on set. “The best one I pulled off: I put the fish I had for lunch -- I put it in [Joseph’s] socks.”

She got me really good,” Naufahu told ET, adding that if you fell asleep on set, “you can expect to get something done to you in your sleep.”

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Naufahu eventually returned the favor by taking all the furniture out of a hotel room where they were staying during a studio shoot. “He just took all of the stuff and I don’t know where it went,” Clarke said. “Still -- I don’t know where it is. I just sat on the floor for a couple of days.” 

Fans can get even more of Naufahu, Clarke and Dinklage in all the behind-the-scenes extras on the DVD/Blu-ray release of Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season out on Nov. 15.