'Big Brother: Over the Top' Cast Reacts With Shock to Donald Trump Being Elected President -- Watch

Photo: CBS
It's incredibly rare for the Big Brother houseguests to receive news from the outside world.
But because Big Brother: Over the Top is airing in the fall on CBS All Access -- breaking from the show's usual summer broadcast -- the contestants were informed on Thursday of Donald Trump's presidential victory earlier in the week, and needless to say, they were shocked.
"She's joking," says Shelby Stockton, in response to host Julie Chen breaking the election news.
"Gay people where were you? Minorities where were you?" asks Jason Roy. "Can we just stay in here for the next four years?"
"The majority who typically vote are older white Republican males," comments Danielle Lickey. "I was really hoping that our generation would take their voice and let it be heard."
Watch the video below for all of their reactions.
The houseguests weren't the only ones in Hollywood who didn't see the election results coming.
Watch the video below for more celebrity reactions to Trump's election.
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