Exclusive ‘Detroiters’ First Look: ‘Veep’ Breakout Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson Really Love Hot Dogs

by Stacy Lambe 6:45 AM PST, December 07, 2016
Playing Exclusive ‘Detroiters’ First Look: ‘Veep’ Breakout Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson Really Love Hot Dogs

Real-life best friends and actors Sam Richardson (Veep) and Tim Robinson (Saturday Night Live) are bringing their love for each other and the city of Detroit to a new Comedy Central series. And ET has your first look at the series (in the video above), premiering Feb. 7, 2017.

Inspired by the city’s local commercials, Detroiters, sees Richardson and Robinson playing Sam Duvet and Tim Cramblin, two small-time ad guys living and working in the Motor City. Aspiring to make an impact on their hometown, the pair relentlessly pursues a local automotive executive played by Jason Sudeikis in order to land their first big client. (In addition to appearing on a number of episodes, Sudeikis also serves as executive producer alongside co-creators Richardson and Robinson.)

“I feel like everyone knows their own local commercials and can spout them off, and that's something that was very ‘Detroit’ to us,” Richardson, who also plays Richard Splett on Veep, tells ET during a break from shooting the HBO comedy’s sixth season. “As comedy writers we felt that instead of having [Tim and Sam] write comedy, it would be more accessible to have them writing commercials.”

“We always say that Tim and Sam on the TV show are Tim and Sam in real life -- if we were twice as dumb but half as lucky,” he adds.

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In keeping with their bromance, Richardson says the banter seen onscreen is pretty accurate to real life. “We really do say that we love each other all the time -- to a ridiculous amount,” Richardson explains. “The banter that we have is pretty real.”

ET’s first look is no exception. In the video, Tim and Sam discuss the joys of a comfortable silence between two friends when Tim spills his hot dog on his lap. Using the hot dog he’s eating, Sam attempts to wipe up the mess from Tim’s lap. “Don’t clean it up with your hot dog!” he exclaims.

The sketch, which is reminiscent of those long-running Sonic commercials, was actually inspired by the fact that both Richardson and Robinson love to eat hot dogs all day. “That’s literally what Tim and I do,” Richardson admits. “We eat Coney dogs from Coney Island restaurants in Michigan. It’s a hot dog with chili, onions and mustard. We eat about two or three a day.”

“It’s probably not good for us, but we do it anyway,” he concludes.