EXCLUSIVE: 'Scorpion' Sneak Peek! Cabe Needs a Serious Refresher Course in Flirting 101

Cabe Gallo needs a refresher course in flirting.
ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek from Monday’s winter premiere of Scorpion, in which ex-Marine Cabe (Robert Patrick) has a difficult time picking up the signs during Allie’s (Reiko Aylesworth) obvious efforts at flirting. RELATED: Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee on Walter and Paige's 'Scorpion' Fantasy
“I’m so sorry to bother you at work,” Allie tells Cabe during her impromptu drop-by.
“It’s-it’s-it’s no bother,” a flushed Cabe replies, stumbling a bit over his words.
When Allie drops a not-so-subtle hint about a stellar new Italian restaurant she wants to test out before an event, Cabe fails to read between the lines -- until it’s too late.
“I’ve been wanting to check it out. I hear they have a fantastic vegetable lasagna,” she hints, to no avail. RELATED: 'Scorpion' Crew Compete on 'The Price Is Right'
“I love Italian food! With a last name like Gallo, how could I not!” he responds with a laugh before the awkward silence engulfs the room and Allie’s disappointment in her future non-date sets in.
To make things even more awkward, Cabe’s colleagues -- who had a front-row seat to his epic fail -- call him out on his embarrassing blunder. Oops, hope there’s a next time!
Scorpion returns Monday, Jan. 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.