Chris Harrison Says He Had a 'Come to Jesus' Meeting With Nick Viall, Spills 'Bachelor' Details -- Watch!

Chris Harrison believes Nick Viall will come around.
While teasing upcoming Bachelor details on Friday's The Ellen DeGeneresShow, the longtime reality-competition show's host acknowledged that this season's gentleman has been "kind of skating."
"You will see as this show goes on, as I talk to my kids, I tell them, 'Sometimes, you've gotta have that come-to-Jesus meeting,'" the 45-year-old TV host told Ellen DeGeneres. "I had one of those with Nick."
"'Look, I need you to show up. You can't just skate through this,'" he added. "The Bachelor's a very interesting thing. You can't fake your way through it."
Watch the interview below for more.
Meanwhile, Nick recently opened up to ET, confessing that Corinne's antics on the most recent episode made him uncomfortable.
Watch below to see what he said.
The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.