'The Simpsons' Predicted Lady Gaga's Epic Super Bowl LI Performance Back in 2012!

While Lady Gaga's epic Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday seemed completely fresh and original, it turns out The Simpsons already did it.
Proving once again that they are actually psychics or time-travelers, the creators of The Simpsons already imagined what a wild and crazy Gaga halftime show would look like, and the similarities are kind of amazing.
In the season 23 episode "Lisa Goes Gaga," the "Million Reasons" singer performs a concert in Springfield where she's suspended in the air on wires while singing.
Photo: Getty/ 20th Century Fox
Admittedly, Gaga didn't employ a fireworks-shooting bra during Sunday’s spectacular, but the metallic outfit and thigh-high blue boots are spot on!
Later, The Simpson's Gaga slows things down for a performance on a grand piano, just like the real Gaga did during her massive solo performance.
Photo: Getty/ 20th Century Fox
Considering the fact that Gaga did provide her own voice for that special episode, it's always possible that she was partially inspired by it as well, but that's less fun than imagining The Simpsons writers are prophets.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady also had a bit of a prophetic moment himself when he appeared in a commercial for Shields Healthcare where he shows off his Super Bowl rings -- including his record-breaking fifth ring, which he hadn't yet won when the commercial was shot.
For more on Lady Gaga's epic, high-flying halftime performance, check out the video below.