EXCLUSIVE: The End Is Near on 'Killing Fields'


After two and a half decades, it’s come down to this very moment.

On the penultimate episode of Killing Fields season two, the detectives move closer to making an arrest -- a pivotal step in closing the case of Curtis Smith, who went missing in 1991 -- to put Tommy Francise behind bars. It’s something Det. Rodie Sanchez has been dreaming about for 26 years as he’s worked tirelessly to bring justice to Smith and his family.

In order to arrest Francise, the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office must present their case to the legal team, including Special Prosecutor Tony Clayton. Once he gives the “OK,” the team can move in on their suspect. Of course, that’s assuming Francise has been waiting around for someone to arrest him -- and he’s not sitting idly by.

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Disappointed that they weren’t able to make an arrest in the first season, while investigating the 1997 homicide of Eugenie Boisfontaine, executive producer Tom Fontana stuck with Det. Sanchez and his partner, Det. Aubrey St. Angelo. “This is a cold case, so it’s got even more problems working against it,” he told ET ahead of season two. “But the detectives are so wonderfully determined.”

And the show’s commitment to Iberville Parish and the detectives’ commitment to solving these cold cases is about to pay off. “To see their genuine commitment to solving the crime is really fun to watch,” Fontana said -- and indeed it has!

Killing Fields airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.