EXCLUSIVE: Kym Johnson Reveals Why She Returned to 'Dancing with the Stars': 'How Can I Resist That?'

Kym Johnson couldn't stay away!
The dancing pro spoke to ET's Jennifer Peros about her return for season 24 of Dancing With the Stars, specifically what made her reconsider the decision to leave last August. Long story short: Mr. T.
"When they told me [my partner] was Mr. T, I was like,'You know what? How can I resist that?'" the 40-year-old dancer explained. "I'm coming back, and I'm so glad I'm here."
Johnson and Mr. T (who was on hand for the interview as well) also joked about being respectful to each other on the show, lest her husband, Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec, had to get involved.
"Robert's like, 'Oh, you've got Mr. T. I hope I don't have to come and kick his a**,'" she said.
"He had me shakin', yes!" Mr. T exclaimed. 'Cause I thought he was gonna get the other guys from Shark Tank on me. You know, yeah, oh boy!
"He's so excited," Johnson clarified. "He's gonna be our No. 1 fan."
"I told her, when I met her, I found out she was married, 'Now, you tell your husband, I won't hold you in a certain way. I'm gonna be respectful,'" Mr. T shared. "I'm an old-fashioned momma's boy. I am. Can't be vulgar. Very respectable ... I'm a tough guy, but I'm a gentle guy."
Can't wait to see these two hit the dance floor!
Watch the video below for more of next season's partners.