EXCLUSIVE: Why 'The Arrangement' Cast Isn't Worried About Possible Backlash From the Church of Scientology

If you think the plot of The Arrangement sounds familiar, you're not alone. ET's Leanne Aguilera got to the bottom of why so many people have been comparing the show's storyline to Tom Cruise's life.
"The Arrangement is a romantic thriller about a contract marriage in Hollywood," Christine Evangelista told ET.
In the 10-part drama, actress Megan Morrison (Evangelista) is offered $10 million to enter into a marriage contract with charming, A-list movie star Kyle West (Josh Henderson). Kyle just so happens to be the most famous member of a secretive self-help organization called The Institute of the Higher Mind, and while Megan has a mysterious past she's trying to conceal, Kyle has secrets of his own.
The story has some viewers wondering if the show is based on unsubstantiated rumors about the former marriage between the Scientologist Mission: Impossible star and Katie Holmes.
The cast denies all rumors of the show taking from Cruise's life, and assured ET the program is fictional.
"Are you worried about any backlash from a certain religious group," Aguilera asked Henderson.
"No, I don't think so at all. This is just another TV show," Henderson answered. "We are so unique in telling our story that it is going to be entertaining. I am not worried about any kind of backlash from anybody else."
The Church of Scientology has denied rumors that Cruise's marriage to Holmes was arranged.
The Arrangement premieres Sunday on E!.