Mama June Picks Out Skin-Tight Size 4 'Revenge Dress' for Sugar Bear's Wedding on 'From Not to Hot'

Photo: WE tv
Mama June has some work to do!
The reality star saw exactly how much weight she has to lose as she picked out the dress she'll wear to Sugar Bear's wedding on Friday's episode of From Not to Hot -- well, her niece Amber did, anyway.
"This is for Sugar Bear's wedding," Amber explained as she pulled out the size 4, skin-tight "revenge dress" for June to wear to her ex's upcoming ceremony. "This is what you’re working towards. To go, 'ooh, baby baby, look at me.'"
While Mama June definitely approved of the gown, whether she'll be able to fit in it in a matter of months is another story.
"This is like 20 sizes smaller than me," she yelled, explaining that she's a size 22/24, even after her gastric bypass surgery.
"Right now I can't even imagine myself in that dress Amber bought, and that dress is ti-ny!" she later said to the camera. "Plus, I don’t even have a date to the wedding, so what's the point?"
Photo: WE tv
Nevertheless, the mother of four continued on her weight loss journey, and 12 weeks later, weighed in at 298, 60 pounds less than when she started.
"I'll be in that red dress before I know it!" she exclaimed, before her manager, Gina, introduced the next step of her weight loss plan: her new trainer, Kenya Crooks.
ET sat down with Crooks exclusively last month, where he revealed the ins and outs of Mama June's intense fitness program.
See more in the video below.
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