The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Glossary You Need to Understand 'Reality Slang'

Photo: VH1

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back to snatch the drama queen crown of reality television. It’s the highest rated edition of the popular VH1 franchise (others are set in New York and Hollywood) that examines the unpredictabilities of relationships and trying to make it in the hip-hop world. Season six promises to be an action-packed ride complete with family scandals, friend betrayals and slick slang that you may not understand without a lyrical guide.

For a show often accused of being scripted, some of the most potentially juicy moments this season seem too hard to fake. As the season opens, we’re catching the last few months of former stripper Joseline Hernandez’s controversial pregnancy and waiting for the big reveal -- is the father of her child Bonnie Bella (born Dec. 28) her former partner in crime, music producer Stevie J, or is it quirky Atlanta rapper Young Dro? Looks like the courts get involved, so you know it’ll be messy.

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If that wasn’t enough baby mama drama, a shocking turn of events has found rapper Rasheeda Frost hearing rumors that her longtime husband and business partner Kirk Frost may have fathered a child out of wedlock -- and moved the young mother into their building. Hello, where they do that at? Meanwhile, it’s rocky times for rappers Lil Scrappy, who’s breaking up with his ride-or-die fiancé Bambi, and Waka Flocka Flame, who is missing the life he had with his estranged wife, Tammy Rivera, and her daughter Charlie and wants to put the family back together.

With new cast members and high levels of unpredictability, there’s so much more to come. As you brace for plenty of twists on the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on March 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1, it’s time to get to know some of the cast’s more creative terms and phrases so you won’t miss a beat.

The A/A-Town: The fair city of Atlanta, where our story unfolds

Beefcake: Womanizer Stevie J’s pet term for his, um, manhood

Dime/dimepiece: An attractive, shapely woman; see cast member Jessica Dime aka Dimepiece

FILA: A song that rapper and cast member Lil Scrappy and his former producer Lil Jon released in 2010, an acronym for “Forever I Love Atlanta”

Good guy: Stevie J’s frequent descriptor of himself in the third person

In that order: Phrase used by Lil Scrappy’s feisty mother, known as Momma Dee, to emphasize her priorities. It’s also the name of the catchy dance song that her cousin and fellow castmate Yung Joc wrote for her.

Molly the Maid: Joseline Hernandez’s derisive nickname for castmate Mimi Faust (who used to date her on-again, off-again man Stevie J). Mimi has long owned a cleaning service in Atlanta called Keep It Clean.

On the bus: If you’re dating or hooking up with Stevie J, he considers you on the bus, which implies he’s got a lot of room for guests.

Pregnito: Stevie J’s made-up word for pregnant

Puerto Rican Princess: aka Ms. Joseline Hernandez

Put them paws on him: Lil Scrappy’s call to fight, first used after he heard that Stevie J called the mother of his child a bitch

Ratchet: Outrageously uncivilized behavior

Rat face: When Stevie J scrunches up his face to exaggerate a villainous moment of drama

Reality slang: While giving a deposition in a lawsuit brought by former castmate Althea Eaton, who accused Joseline Hernandez of hitting her at the taping of the season three reunion show, Joseline explained that reality slang is “talking for the sake of TV, [to] make it look better.”

Scrappy lingo: Lil Scrappy’s slanguage, which includes adding the suffix of “iz-ni-yee” to the beginning of words, similar to Snoop Dogg’s “izzle” slang. Example: Things becomes thizniyee.

Shawty: A Southern term of affection -- shorty with a drawl

Shenellica Bettencourt: A name that Joseline Hernandez illegally assumed and was arrested under in her early days as a stripper (and even used in a casting video for a failed strip club pilot). Jessica Dime, who worked with Joseline in a gentlemen’s club in Miami, sometimes calls Joseline by this name behind her back.

Side chick: A woman who fools around with a man who is in a relationship with someone else (the “main chick”)

Steebie: Joseline’s heavily accented and infectious name for Stevie J, a term often used jokingly by his ex-girlfriend Mimi Faust

Tea: Piping hot gossip, best sipped with a pinky in the air

THOT: An unfortunate but popular acronym that stands for “that ho over there” and is used to disparage a woman’s sexual behavior. Not to be confused with real thought.