James Corden Sends His Adorable Parents to NCAA Championship Game, Drops Basketball Parody Rap

James Corden's parents are getting in on the game!
The Late Late Show host sent his mom and dad to the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship game in Phoenix, Arizona, where they adorably reported on the big matchup in which the North Carolina Tarheels defeated the Gonzaga Bulldogs on Monday, 71-65.
"The crazy thing is, it's called the Final Four, March Madness, and we're here in April watching two teams play," Corden's dad shared. "We do know that not much happens in the middle, it all happens at the end. So it's just going from end to end to end..."
At that point, Corden asked whether his parents knew what a Tarheel was, to which his father hilariously answered, "We don't but we did think Gonzaga was an Italian type of cheese... Mum asked for a well-done tar heel last night in the restaurant."
His dad also made a bold (ultimately incorrect) prediction that Gonzaga would win -- via chest paint!
"I did a bit of manscaping, happened in the shower..." Corden's father said, revealing the giant bulldog.
"It's quite nice!" Corden's mom said, regarding the shaved chest.
Additionally, Corden got people fired up over the championships with a basketball-themed hip-hop parody of Lil Jon's "Get Low."
"This is one my favorite openings we've ever done on the show!" the late night host raved about the video.
Mom, Dad and Lil' Jon! What a perfect way to end March Madness!
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