Michael Fassbender Has Mad Break-Dancing Skills -- Watch Him Bust a Move!

Photo: YouTube
Michael Fassbender can get down!
The Alien: Ressurection star was on the U.K.'s Graham Norton Show recently, where he opened up about his 1980s "break dance phase," prompting Jessica Chastain, who was also a guest, to cleverly get the 40-year-old actor to bust a move.
"What is break dance? Do you think you could show me?" Chastain responded, clearly goading the audience into encouraging Fassbender onto his feet.
And the ploy worked! After being initially hesitant, the actor did eventually show everyone what he's got, and we've gotta say, what he's got is pretty good!
Check out his moves below.
You go, Michael!
Fassbender is just one of the many talented Irish actors who have graced Hollywood screens.
Watch the video below for more!