Diane Keaton Smooches Kevin Bacon and Jessica Chastain on 'Graham Norton Show'
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Diane Keatonloves on-screen kisses!
"It's the best. Quite frankly it doesn't get better than on-screen romance," the 71-year-old actress explained during an appearance on an upcoming episode of BBC America's The Graham Norton Show. "Because, frankly, think of all the men you get to kiss and you don't pay the price. In other words, you don’t actually have to have a relationship!"
She makes a good point.
"There's nothing better than kissing a man in a movie," Keaton added. "People say it's difficult but the're wrong. They're dead wrong."
The Annie Hall actress, who was on the British talk show to promote her upcoming movie, Hampstead, went on to demonstrate just how much she loves screen kisses by doling out a few smooches to her fellow celebrity guests, Jessica Chastain and Kevin Bacon!
The I Love Dick actor also revealed during his appearance that he once enlisted the help of a special effects makeup team to help him go incognito in public.
"Once in a while you think to yourself, 'What would it be like to walk through the world anonymously?' So, I decided to experiment with that. It worked," he explained.
Bacon said he tested out his disguise by heading for The Grove, a well-known outdoor mall in Los Angeles where celebrities are almost guaranteed to be recognized. "And I walked straight through The Grove and nobody recognized me -- and it was awful," the 58-year-old actor joked. "I was like, 'This sucks man. I'm going back to [being] Kevin Bacon ASAP.'" 
The Graham Norton show airs on BBC America on Saturdays at 10.05 p.m. central.
Check out the video below for more on how Kevin makes his marriage with actress Kyra Sedgewick work.