Ashley Graham Gets Fake Body Shamed to See How Bystanders React on 'What Would You Do?' -- Watch

Body shaming is no laughing matter.
Ashley Graham, who has spent her modeling career as one of the models leading the charge for body positivity in the industry, plays a woman meeting her son's parents for the first time on What Would You Do?
In the hidden camera clip, the "boyfriend's" parents shame Graham for her fuller figure after meeting her in a busy restaurant, telling their son he should be seeing someone else.
While the impetus was deeply upsetting, the response from the unbeknownst restaurant patrons is heartwarming, as they reach out to the 29-year-old model with messages of support.
"This is a situation I've been in before, and it's never OK," Graham reveals to two women who came to her defense.
Watch the clip below.
Recently, Graham broke down in tears while directing a photoshoot with women who had never before modeled lingerie.
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What Would You Do? returns June 23 at 9 p.m. on ABC.